About Electron Speed

Electron Speed has been helping teams win championships since 2006. We supply our race winning experience to a select number of teams during the season and outfit cars with electronic controls and data systems during the rest of the year. From integrating displays into street cars to replacing literally every wire and control unit in production race cars to outfitting prototypes, we have done it all. We choose to supply MoTeC products because we believe they offer unmatched flexibility and usability across a wide range of applications. We maintain a strong relationship with MoTeC and were one of only two US dealers invited to test the new M1 at Australian headquarters!

Meet the Team

Eric Schieb
Eric Schieb
Owner, Engineering Support

Eric earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Moving to Detroit, he engineered control systems and analyzed mechanical designs at the major automotive manufacturers for 14 years. This included leading the design team that created the ABS control reference system used to control the slip on a wheel. This system continues to be used in every ABS system produced by TRW automotive for GM, Ford, Chrysler, MINI, and others. The vehicle dynamics background necessary to create these systems came from three places: the theory came in Formula SAE, the driving from racing, and the vehicle performance analysis on the OEM test tracks. Motorsport was only hobby during those years. Managing a couple of projects at national level engine builders proved he had what it took to go pro. He formed Electron Speed in 2006.

Steve Freund
Steve Freund

Steve Freund is our most experienced harness builder and he is a vital part of the crew that helps tie it all together. His skills come from more than 20 years of military avionics installation and repair. (Look at all the antennas and think about the potential for Radio Frequency Interference!)

Jean Reber

Jean joined the Electron Inc. team after taking an early retirement from EDS where she worked for many years as a successful account executive. She earned her accounting and business chops managing client contracts, delivery teams and P & L responsibilities across multiple industry groups winning several awards for her contributions along the way. Jean enjoys her part time brush with the motorsports world while having additional time to pursue her many other interests.

Nick Giometti
Software Developer

Nick earned a degree in computer information systems from Georgia State University in 2012. He then worked as a software programmer in the medical software industry where he learned about software development lifecycles, quality control procedures, and writing efficient code for large scale use. As a hobby he works on vintage race cars and daily drives a 67 MG. At Electron Speed, Nick uses his skill sets to develop software for MoTeC ECUs and to support this website!

Eric Crawshaw
Efficiency & Quality Control

With both an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, BMW Track Day experience and a business background from Home Depot, we are looking for Eric to help refine how we run this business.

Dustin Griggs
Dustin Griggs
Harnessing, Shop Management

Dustin jumps for joy at the sight of a race car. As a contractor for Electron Speed, he funnels that enthusiasm (and years of experience) into building harnesses, data acquisition, and track support.