Solder Sleeves

At Electron Speed, solder sleeves are the preferred method of joining two or more wires. A few tips for using solder sleeves:

  • After selecting the appropriate size sleeve for your wire bundle, cut the sleeve down as shown above. The intent is to preserve flexibility and robustness.

  • Inserting shrink tape in the uncut side creates a seal and prevents any liquids from causing corrosion inside the wire bundle.

  • Longer wires minimize the risk of excess solder pooling beside the insulation by providing more material for the solder to adhere to. This also increases final strength of the sleeve.

  • Untwisting the wires individually, flattening the strands, and then twisting all wires together is an efficient and effective way to intermingle the strands from each wire. Make sure to twist the entire section of stripped wire.

  • Ensure that the solder has permeated the wire strands. Individual strands should be slightly visible through the solder.

  • Inspect the solder sleeve for excess solder that may have leaked from the sleeve and remove any excess shrink tape.