2016 Season

Formula SAE

FSAE,anti roll bar,chassis adjustment,electronic control chassis adjustmentWe have been volunteering our time to work with these bright young engineers since 2001. At that time we were invited to join by a long time friend, Carroll Smith, as a good way to keep up with the interests, motivations, and innovations of the newest generation of the sport.

Our involvement with the organization has grown over time to one of the lead judges. Our biggest focus is system synergies and scalability.
System Synergies: How can you use a data system to predict critical failures? How do you relay aerodynamic characteristics to a driver in a way that they can properly suggest changes?

Click the picture for more information chronicling the events we have volunteered at this season. The creativity we see in Formula SAE is second to none.

Insight into Current Data AnalyticsPDM-15,PDM-30,current flow,configuring PDM

Fortunately here at Electron Speed we get to play with some high end gadgets. One exciting example this year is getting first hand experience with Roush’s combustion analysis diagnostic tool. This tool measures cylinder pressure real-time while a motor is running!

Through our experience we’ve also learned how to answer questions like, “will doing this blow up my (not inexpensive) MoTeC PDM?”

Interested in our data analytics work or how to get the most out of your hardware? Click here.

In-House Product Development

Waterproof, foolproof, racing light, cabin light, switch panel light

Rigorous Testing of the Judy Blue Light

We’ve gotten some creative requests from our clients for product ideas and are in the early stages of producing some of them. We take the same approach to our own hardware as we do to the rest of our work. Robustness is key; we’re always looking to find the perfect balance of simplicity, durability, and power. From first hand experience we’ve learned some interesting information, for instance did you know that on startup some production vehicles have a current spike at over 1000 amps?

Some of our ideas are production worthy, some of them don’t make it past the draft board. Click to find out more about our hardware endeavors.