Data Analytics 2016

Tuning Brake Bias

Today’s black box, Proportioning Valves:
In Motorsports, brake balance is one of the most difficult dynamics to tune. Fortunately at Electron Speed we can mitigate this challenge with the right tools to quantify the unknown and a history of ABS related experience. The example pictures break down vehicle dynamics relative to brake pressure changes.

i2, brake balance, proportioning valves,ABS

This snapshot was taken from MoTeC’s i2 data analytics software and illustrates the variable ratio of brake bias

Racecar Engineering,Formula 1,brake technology

After this article was written it was featured in Racecar Engineering!








Maximizing PDM Output Usage

What are your thoughts on passing 60 amps through a 20 amp PDM output? At Electron Speed we help our customers ring the most out of their underrated Motec Systems USA products. PDM and accessories can be purchased directly from our website.

PDM-15,PDM-30,current flow,configuring PDM

Quantifying Detonation

These three pictures (taken on Roush’s dyno) show the in-cylinder pressure of three engine cycles all at the same operating conditions and captured within a few seconds. There was a lot of instability in the combustion yielding a different result every firing of the cylinder. Ultimately we were able to juggle variables like fuel pressure, injection timing, spark timing and air/fuel ratio on this direct injection engine to yield more consistent and engine friendly results.

knock sensor

knock sensor

knock sensor