Formula SAE 2016

Formula SAE Michigan

Congratulations to the 115 teams that competed in the 2016 Formula SAE event in Michigan‬. It is a major accomplishment for the college students to organize, design and build a serious racing effort. This includes the highlight: build the car from a blank sheet. Motec Systems USA and Electron Speed help build the next generation of engineers by mentoring, evaluating the efforts of the students, and discounting products.
One of my favorite things this year was an electronically controlled anti-roll bar on the team from Hamburg, Germany. This opens up options including tweaking the car’s balance via their steering wheel controls.

FSAE,anti roll bar,chassis adjustment,electronic control chassis adjustment

Anti-roll bar 9 position switch steering wheel adjustment

anti roll, sway bar adjustment,electronic chassis adjustment,formula sae,innovation

Anti Roll Bar Adjustment Electronic Motor











Formula SAE Nebraska

FSAE at Lincoln Nebraska offers an engineer an interesting opportunity:  the ability to hear parts of the car that are normally masked by the exhaust of a high performance vehicle.  Here are videos of top teams at Michigan and Nebraska.  The Michigan entry is from Austria and has a “conventional” powertrain:  student designed 2 cylinder engine with direct injection and turbo charging.  The low frequency exhaust and the blowoff valve are aurally evident.  The Lincoln entry is from the Czech Republic and has an electric powertrain.  The efficient drive gears are most evident.  Both student efforts are amazing in their own way and we are proud to support this learning experience.

Formula SAE Russia

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve been invited to judge a competition in Russia in September. If you have any requests please let us know and expect some neat content in the future!