Judy Blue Endurance Racing Light


Judy Blue Endurance Racing Light


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What is the ideal interior light in your race car’s cockpit?  It’s not red.  It’s not even white.  It’s the color that doesn’t affect your ability to focus down the track, provides the best peripheral vision and has the potential to highlight important controls.  Electron Speed has put this into a robust, easy to mount package!

What are some of the reasons Judy Blue is the best motorsports interior light on the market?

  • Our custom tuned LED balance helps you focus on the track, highlight key controls, and illuminate the cabin.
  • Built using Mil-Spec wire, USA made PCB, USA made CNC aluminum housing, and assembled in house
  • Terminated to user specifications
  • Go Pro compatible mount, velco ready flat back, and notched housing to assist roll bar mounting
  • Doesn’t flicker when voltage dips or spikes
  • Reverse voltage protected, waterproof, high heat resistant, impact resistant, and just about bullet proof!
  • Makes day glo shine day or night
  • Won the 2017 Sebring 12 Hour in LMPC on it’s debut!

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Judy Blue Specs

Voltage 8-25 Volts
Current 75 mA
LED Power 0.3 Watts
Positive Voltage Wire Red M22758/16-22 gauge
Ground Wire Black M22758/16-22 gauge
Angle of half intensity 60 deg
Reverse Voltage Protection Yes

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

(+$40) Autosport ASL 106-05SN-HE, (+$40) Autosport ASL 606-05PN-HE, (+$0) Unterminated 24" Lead