The MoTeC UTC adapts the USB to CAN and includes a USB-A to USB-B extension cable.  It is used for MoTeC devices that communicate over CAN instead of ethernet. This includes PDM’s and hundred series (gold box ECUs). If you have, or will be purchasing, an M1 ECU, C125-1212 Dash, or D-series display a UTC will not be necessary as these devices can act as a gateway (if connected via ethernet) if they are on the same CAN-bus.

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MoTeC Products that require a UTC:

  • M400, M600, M800, M880, Plug-In ECUs
  • PDM16, PDM32, PDM15, PDM30
  • BR2, DBW4
  • SDC, SDC2, SDC3, MDC, MDC2
  • RTC
  • LTC
  • ADL, EDL

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