MoTeC Keypad

MoTeC Keypad


The MoTeC PDM accomplishes many important goals for motorsport or any application requiring more than basic fuse functionality. This includes but is not limited to increased reliability, reduced man power to build a system, lower weight, smaller footprint, accessibility to data, easy tuning, and decreased wiring complexity. This solid state power control device acts like a breaker panel and a relay panel in one unit. The PDM15 features x8 20 amp outputs and x7 8 amp outputs with 16 switch inputs. The PDM also monitors current draw and voltage for assistance with vehicle diagnosis. It also has CAN communication to be used with other devices such as a display for warnings or the MoTeC CAN Keypad which can turn 8 or 15 switches wiring into four wires greatly simplifying the complexity of any switch panel. We also carry the more rugged PDM16 and PDM32 which utilize an Autosport connector. Please contact us for pricing.



For the ultimate in power management, combine the reliability of a PDM with the simplicity and flexibility that a keypad delivers. MoTeC Keypads work specifically with the current range of MoTeC Dashes and PDMs. Keypads are easy to program and feature CAN bus capabilities.

Each switch and its 3 LEDs can be independently programmed. One option is to use the LED illumination to clarify the status of the PDM-assigned device.

LED 1: Power status   LED 2: Re-try power-up   LED 3: Failed power-up attempts

Complete the keypad customisation by applying the desired semi-transparent label to each backlit button.


A MoTeC Keypad will enhance the application and integration of a MoTeC PDM into any vehicle. Specific features include:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rugged design for use in extreme environments, sealed to IP67
  • Backlit customised graphical symbols available
  • Real time feedback via LED indicators above each button
  • Simplified wiring, only 4 wires required for multiple buttons
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity protection

There are two sizes available:

  • 8 button, 2 rows of 4 buttons
  • 15 button, 3 rows of 5 buttons

Stickers can be specified at the time of purchase or at a later point for no additional charge.

Additional information

Weight 11.3 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in
Keypad type

Keypad 8 ($574), Keypad 15 ($589)

Mating Connector

Yes (+$11), No


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