Safety Kill Switch

Safety Kill Switch


The three post kill switch has one input and two simultaneous output channels. This motorsports grade kill switch can be used to help remove clutter of stacked ring terminals and to isolate components of the electrical system. Click here to learn more about the importance of a three post kill switch. 


Technical Information

The body of the switch is Ultramid 8233G HS heat stabilized 33% glass fiber reinforced PA6 injection molded compound designed for motorsport application.

Tensile Strength: -40C / 40F dry 83MPa / or 41000 PSI

121C / 250F dry 83 MPa / 12000 PSI

Melting Point: 220C / 428F
Voltage Rating: Max Voltage 24V
Capacity Rating: 160 Amps continuous

300 Amps – intermittent (5 Seconds on/5 Seconds Off)

Weight: Assembled with mounting hardware

Total: 0.4355 lbs, Switch: 0.415 lbs, Key: 0.021 lbs

Stud Info: 3/8 inch lug terminal / 10mm
Engaging Copper Plate Thickness: 0.1595 inch / 4.04mm to 0.0005 inch / 0.013mm
Recommended Torque Specifications: 10 ft/lb backing wrench required

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in